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Pink Elefunt

Evil Eye Sweatshirt

Evil Eye Sweatshirt

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Crafted with precision, each piece features ribbed hems and cuffs, forming a gentle barricade against the brisk whispers of the wind. Pink EleFUNt’s attire is meticulously designed not just for protection but to seamlessly extend your comfort zone.

The touch is divine, akin to a second skin; a softness that endures with wear and beckons you into its plush warmth time and time again. Each instance you don Pink EleFUNt, it's an experience with opulence meant to be sensed.

Indulge in the adaptability of our knitted fabric. It testifies to the freedom of movement that harmonizes with your body's contours, ensuring that your loungewear is as dynamic as you - stretching, bending, and moving in harmony with your every action.

The 'Size & Fit' of Pink EleFUNt apparel caters to a personalized embrace, guaranteeing that comfort is never compromised. Available in a spectrum of sizes, each garment is an assertion of a tailored fit, because your comfort is our guiding principle.

Adorn yourself in Pink EleFUNt not just to venture out, but to make a statement with comfort that transcends time.

Size & Fit:
Every Sweatshirt is tailored with a regular fit. Our model is adorned in a Medium size. Please consult the size chart for enhanced accuracy.

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